Middle School Program

Covenant Christian Academy’s Middle School and High School program provides students with a rigorous academic curriculum that is infused with a biblical worldview. This holistic education approach not only emphasizes academic excellence but also addresses the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of each student. The curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire students to think critically and creatively, while also providing opportunities for hands-on learning and real-world application of their faith. The program also offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as sports teams, music and drama programs, and clubs, that allow students to explore their interests and talents. Additionally, service projects, mission trips, and other community outreach activities are included in the program, helping students develop a heart for serving others. Overall, Covenant Christian Academy’s Middle School and High School program aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and character to succeed in their future endeavors and make a positive impact in the world.


Middle School / High School Conference – The first two days of school are dedicated to learning the ropes in Middle School. Team building activities at Camp Loma de Vida, anti-bullying campaign, organization skills, learning locker combination, rules, and procedures are all part of the middle school process.

Choir/Orchestra Program – Covenant Christian Academy’s choir and orchestra program is designed to provide students with an exceptional musical education. The program offers students the opportunity to develop their musical skills and talents through rehearsals, performances, and competitions.

Colonial Holiday – Middle school and High School students participate in the Battle of Yorktown re-enactment. They spend several weeks preparing the re-enactment complete with sound effects, costumes, smoke bombs, and mock fighting. It is an impressive show!

U Week – Mind, Body, and Soul is the theme for U Week. Students take part in learning about making good and healthy life choices, and the wonders of God’s creation of man and woman. The middle school dance culminates U Week and the kids have a blast!

National Junior Honor Society – Covenant Christian Academy’s National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a prestigious academic organization for middle school students. Membership in NJHS is based on academic achievement, leadership, service, and character. Students who meet the qualifications and are selected for membership have the opportunity to participate in service projects, leadership development activities, and academic enrichment opportunities.

Eighth grade trip to Washington DC – The CCA middle school experience culminates with a trip to our nation’s capital, Washington DC! The students view and visit the many historical sites and partake in the activities at several museums. Everyone looks forward to this six day trip.

Sports Program – Covenant Christian Academy’s sports program offers students the opportunity to participate in a variety of athletic activities. The program includes teams for both middle school and high school students, and provides a positive environment that emphasizes sportsmanship, teamwork, and character development. The school offers a variety of sports including football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, cross-country and other sports.

Theater – Covenant Christian Academy’s Theater program provides students with a unique opportunity to explore their talents in acting and speech. Students are able to participate in various productions throughout the school year, including musicals, plays, and drama. The program also aims to develop important life skills such as teamwork, creativity, communication, and public speaking.

On-Level and Honor Classes

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