The one distinguishing mark of a Christian school relates to that one unique reason for Christian education: to gain knowledge of the world from God’s point of view through the application of Biblical principles in every area of curriculum and school activity.

Covenant Christian Academy is committed to excellence in the area of curriculum and academics. All components of the curriculum are carefully selected and designed to fit the philosophy of biblical education and to align with academic state standards.

Preschool Program

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Elementary Program

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Middle School Program

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High School Program

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Curriculum Trak

What we teach our students is also an important part of the knowledge for parents, so we present Curriculum Trak where they will learn the process and subject matter we teach during the school year.

Covenant Christian Academy by the numbers

The actual numbers on our academic performance show that our students are receiving and applying their knowledge. Yes, the quality of teaching is measurable as well as the quantity of material we see during our school year.

Expected Student Outcomes

An important key for CCA is to define and work on what we want our students to become.